Business Law

Business Law

Employment Assistance

Whether you are an existing employer or a start-up our Employment Assist service provides you with tailored and cost-effective solutions for, Hiring staff, Managing Staff, Disciplining Staff. You can choose from two employment solutions. We offer free comprehensive consultation with our experienced lawyers as part of our Employment Assist service and a tailored system that selects the best lawyer for your business needs....

Business Law

Intellectual Property Assist

Whether you want to secure a Trade Mark, protect a Design, manage a Patent or simply require a confidentiality and licencing agreement. Our Intellectual Property Assist offers you robust and cost-effective solutions for Trade Marks Registration, management and protection,Patents Registration and protection from infringement ,Protection of Registered and Unregistered Design Rights, Copyrights ...

Business Law

Business Setup Assist

From Sole Trading, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships to Limited Companies our experienced commercial lawyers will assist you to Prepare for Business set up under Business Law, Provide you with Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Shareholders’ Agreement,Directors employment agreement ...

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Types of businesses

With the news of the development of Covid-19 Vaccine, the end to this pandemic is insight. Covid-19 has undoubtedly had severely impacted all types of business around the world. It is hoped by the International Monetary Fund and exchequer that there will be a surge in new entities entering into the market especially within the Tech, IT and artificial intelligence sectors. In this article we will explore different types of legal business arrangements prospective entrepreneur and start-ups can look into to make an informed decision that which legal setup is right for their long- and short-term needs and ambitions...Read More

Business Law

UK Patent Assist Advice

From Startup innovators to researchers our experienced Patent lawyers will assist you to Register your Innovation Assistance with the specification of your Innovation Protection of your Innovation...

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Web Assistance

Your website is your platform to showcase and sell your products and services and interact with potential clients. However, you need to facilitate client interaction in a legally compliant way. Our Web Assist Service provides you with legally compliant and enforceable terms of use, cookie and privacy policy. Our experienced lawyers will prepare tailored...

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Drafting Service

If you just need a one-off business document, you can use our drafting service. We will provide the required document within 48 hours excluding weekends and Bank Holidays. You can choose from a range of documents including Commercial Contracts, Terms and Conditions for Small Business and freelancers, Partnership Agreements, Agency Agreements, Assignment agreements, Licencing agreements, Freelance Agreements, Service Agreements, Miscellaneous /Other...

Business Law

UK Trade Mark Law

Trademarks (TM) represent the trade origin of the goods and services. TM are proprietary rights and the owner of the rights holds exclusive rights to use these marks. Under the Trade Marks Act 1994, any sign which is capable of graphical representation and which can distinguish goods and services of one business from those of other is registrable....Read More

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Trademark Registration

A trademark is any mark, symbol or sign which can be represented graphically, and which differentiates the products, goods and services of one trader from any other. For example, coca-cola, Pepsi, Tesco, Walmart, Amazon, etc. Read More

Business Law

Private life, Anonymised and Super-injunctions

Anonymised and super-injunctions are interim injunctions which will restrict publishing and reporting of various facts of the personal and private life of a person. These injunctions are commonly invoked by celebrities. These injunctions will even restrict the publication and reporting of the terms of a court order as well....Read More

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