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Introduction to Private life, Anonymised and Super-injunctions

Anonymised and Super Injunctions

Anonymised and super-injunctions are interim injunctions which will restrict publishing and reporting of various facts of the personal and private life of a person. These injunctions are commonly invoked by celebrities. These injunctions will even restrict the publication and reporting of the terms of a court order as well.

Anonymised Injunction

Under this interim injunction, the media is prohibited from reporting information related to the applicant or information about all the parties including their names and other identities.

Super Injunction

Super-injunctions are one step further ahead of the anonymised injunction. Under the super-injunction, the media (print, social, and digital) is prohibited from publishing any information at all including the allegations, names or the court order itself. Consequently, till the case is decided nobody in public would likely to know anything about the case, allegations and any information about parties involved in the case.

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Private life, Anonymised and super-injunctions

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